Operating Systems

Trained in operating systems and experienced in many field specific apps.

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Virus Removal

Virus removal is unfortunately the most popular of our services.

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If you actually mounted a computer on your wall to be funny, we can troubleshoot any of your issues.

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Cabling has advanced over the years, I'm well trained in CAT5, COAX and Fiber, although I don't have a fiber fuser, that's an expensive item to keep on my shelf when CAT6e is just about making data transfer rates reasonable.

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Web Site Development

I design basic websites. I'm capable of making a front line store but I'm lacking in ability to create original graphics, so I need you to provide me with content.

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Free Disposal

I'll format your drives when you're ready to retire them. Yes I do odd things whith the hardware afterwards but, that's the fun part of my industry.

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Since 1998

I have been an onsite technician for my adult career, in various capacities for various industries.

I run cables, troubleshoot printers and e-mail servers, migrate old servers to new hardware be it Windows, Linux or Mac.

When I don't have an answer to your specific problem, I hire someone who does, so you can maintain your level of productivity.

I got into the field of computer geek because I love playing with the toys I can't afford. You'll see what I mean if you explore my service headings.

Call me anytime and I will be happy to help with all of your technical needs.


You know you want to!

Call now to receive excellent service that won't make your eyes glaze over 289-675-6438 or e-mail ken.a.forgie@gmail.com